Friday, December 13, 2013

Why a Marathon?

I've always wanted to run a marathon. Okay, maybe not ALWAYS. But for a long time. I've never been the most fit or graceful or athletic person but I've always enjoyed pushing my physical limits. And trust me - a marathon is pretty beyond my three-babies-no-workout-regime-hardly-a-runner limits.

Of course, I've shared this dream on occasion. The most regrettable time was when I told my obstetrician about 4 weeks after my third child and first c-section. He informed me that I would never run a marathon because childbearing had abused my body beyond that point.

He's an ass.

The best time was when I shared with some good friends (whom I've never actually MET - story on that later) and got their reassurances that not only could I do it but they would do it with me. Most recently I created this silly-but-serious inspiration board on Pinterest detailing all my dreams for things I'd like to accomplish or achieve in the next few years.

Of course they encouraged me in all my dreams, but Sabina particularly told me "if you decide to run a marathon, I will fly to wherever you are and run it with you."

What did I do to deserve friends that awesome?

And then fate stepped in and Westjet offered a seat sale from St. John's to Dublin. My mother offered to buy my ticket as my Christmas/birthday present... Heather said I could stay with her for a while...and somehow staying with her turned into "lets run a marathon together while you're here!"

So, us two couch potatoes are joining forces with a multi-triathloner to run the silliest marathon we could find. It's a first for all of us. And I'm almost 100% certain that I am in no shape and will be holding them back...but I'm absolutely 100% certain that they are going to support me anyway. And really, that and finishing is all that matters to me.

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  1. Love love LOVE that we are doing this together - it is going to be amazing. And painful. And probably zig-zaggy given the 'drink' on offer along the course.
    But - oh, SO worth it!

    LCM x