So what is 42k in 9m for $6000 anyway?

Well, in 9 months, on September 14, 2014, I will be running my first ever marathon. My first competitive run, actually.

A marathon is just over 42 kilometres. And right now, I can run about 3 km before I feel like my heart has been ripped from my chest.

When you're a mother, that heart-rending feeling is familiar. Having children is like watching your heart walk around outside your body and all you want to do is keep it vibrant and beating.

When you're the mother of a child with an uncertain medical future - when every bump is a worry, every complaint or limp or squinted eye leads you to think tumour, when you KNOW for a fact that your child WILL be bullied because of his appearance or lack of maturity... well, the heart-rend is an every day occurrence.

So, I want to do something. Something so that other mothers might never have that worry. Or maybe just something to lessen my worry a little.

Emerson will be 6 years old when I run and $1000 for every year of his life is not a lot to ask. So when I run I hope to have raised $6000 in sponsorships. The money will go to support the work of a graduate student studying Neurofibromatosis at the Friedman lab in British Columbia, Canada. Six Thousand dollars will support 3 months of research.

If you'd like to help - just use that handy "donate" buton on the right there. Soon I'll post a graph of funds raised.

This blog will chronicle my journey through training for the marathon, and my son's journey through living with Neurofibromatosis.

It's not going to be all tears, trust me! We have lots of fun times :)

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